And now for something completely different… But then again not so much

Greetings, my (limited) throng of loyal followers!


It is time for me to update here, what I have been up to lately. Some might even say it’s a bit overdue, but for personnel reasons, I have not found the time for it until now. 


As the title says, I have thrown myself at something I expected to be wildly different from anything I’d ever tried, but turned out a lot of what I’d learned previously would help me with immensely. I’m speaking of PHP. I have some – very old – HTML experience, and add to that the fact that many of the programming commands seem almost identical to what I learned in my C# classes. I’m slowly approaching the step of learning where MySQL gets integrated in it, and I’m told that that’s the exciting part. I look forward to learning MUCH more about it, and I can’t wait for the time where I start to see all the possibilities the language holds. I know the most common use for PHP seems to be forums, but I am convinced that it can do so much more, with enough creativity and imagination. 


In other, completely unrelated news, I have – ironically given my absence here – also slowly started to take up writing as a hobby again. I don’t expect any of my writing shenanigans to spill over into here, but hey – you never know, do you? 


That’s a bit about what’s going on with me! Hope you enjoyed the read, or at least actually read it. I will try to update more frequently from here on out, and while I’m still working through a few personal things, I expect I shall soon have much more time to work on this blog.


Untill then, my followers : Raid On!


Hello World!

So, this is me! The Danish IT Guy!


I’m a rookie from Denmark trying to get into the world of IT, in as many ways and directions as possible! So far, I have mainly dabbled (read: learned the basics) in Router Configuration, C# programming, and OS maintenance and configuration. This blog will detail my quest to learn more, and also act as a platform in my endeavors to create professional contacts. 


I am by no means a professional yet, but I aspire to become one, and on this blog, you’ll be able to keep up with what I’m working on / learning currently, tell me I’m doing it wrong, and be completely ignored for it. Comments and suggestions on what to learn next are always welcome, as well as encouragement and downright flattery. 


That’s a little about me, hope you’ll like what you see, and – maybe – even stick around and wait for more.




-Danish IT Guy